Wheels to Shine | Ojai Valley Auto is Giving Away a Car in Ojai, CA
Concours Motors is giving away a car to someone wonderful in Ventura County who could really use one, as part of our "Wheels to Shine" initiative. If you know anyone who is a big contributor in our community and could really use a car, nominate them before November 1, 2019!
wheels to shine
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This year's Wheels to Shine Toyota with a ribbon on it by Ojai Valley Auto
7th Annual Wheels to Shine

Every Year, We Give Away a Car with One Free Year of Service



Wheels to Shine was originally created by Concours Motors in Ventura in 2016. Auto shops rely on the trust and patronage of our local community to thrive. We’ve been lucky to thrive here in Ojai for over 30 years, and we can’t imagine a more beautiful home for our family-run business.


Because our community is the backbone of our business, we’re always looking for ways that we can give back. Mostly we’ve contributed to community organizations and educational institutions. But the truth is, our mechanical skills are the most valuable thing we can give back to our community.


We can actually change someone’s life.


That’s why we’re committed to giving away a great car every year we’re in business, for someone who can really use some wheels to shine. If you know someone in Ojai who needs a car, please nominate them today!

Our team works unpaid hours to rebuild each car for the giveaway.

Recipients also receive one free year of service at Ojai Valley Auto 🙂

2021: another BMW 3 Series (E90)

2020: BMW 3 Series (E90)

Donated by an incredible customer named John.

2019: Mercedes-Benz

(Donated by one of our favorite customers.)

2018: Volkswagen Beatle

Wheels to Shine 2018 Volkswagen Beatle

2017: Volkswagen Golf