About - Wheels to Shine
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“We” are the team at Ojai Valley Auto 🙂

Ojai Valley Auto has been serving Ojai families since 1979, with high-quality parts and master technicians. We have been very lucky to continuously grow over the years so that today most people who live in Ojai recognize our well-kept shop on Ojai Ave.

the team in the shop smiling

We believe in businesses should give back to the community that sustains them.

We’ve had our doors open in Ojai for 44 years. This means that we’ve had community members in our shop every day, Monday through Friday, for almost four decades. We’ve gotten to know and care about everyone and their families.


The simple truth is that without the support and loyalty of our customers and our community, there would be no Ojai Valley auto. And that’s why we think it’s so important to give back.

We realized that the best way we could give back was with our skills.

We donate to over 18 local organizations, participate in beach cleanups, volunteer to support local youth with the Police Activities League, but Wheels to Shine is an opportunity to offer the one thing we have that most people don’t: our skills as master technicians.

Alex welding under a vehicle
This year's Wheels to Shine Toyota with a ribbon on it by Ojai Valley Auto

…so we created Wheels to Shine.

Whoever wins a car through Wheels to Shine is going to be driving one of the safest used cars in town. And there is absolutely nothing like a car to get you where you need to be.